Our Services

Helping hand

The same as the ‘Take it easy’ service, but with additional support in the areas of personal care, meals and access to a registered nurse.

Take it easy

Includes some basic day-to-day services such as assistance with transport, shopping and housekeeping. Also includes access to a state-of-the-art strength & exercise programme and health services co-ordinator.

Supported Care

For greater support across day to day living and health/Medical management.

Package 1


This is designed for those residents who simply want to take life a little easier. It includes :

Service Frequency Cost
Health and well-being screening by Selwyn staff On arrival $235 per week (GST inclusive)
Health navigator service and support Maximum 3 per annum
Fortnightly nurse clinic As required
Housework, laundry 1 per week, minimum 1 hour
HUR strength programme 1 per week
Evening meal Daily
Rubbish removal from apartment Weekly

Package 2


This is designed for those needing a little more of a helping hand. It includes everything above plus :

Service Frequency Cost
Lunch and dinner Daily $395 per week (GST inclusive)
Registered Nurse (RN) assessment 1 per month
Morning support / personal care Daily
Falls prevention Every 3 months

Package 3


This is designed for those residents who need full services in their own homes. It includes everything above plus :

Service Frequency Cost
RN health assessment / virtual consultation 2 per week $650 per week (GST inclusive)
Medication management Daily
Morning & evening assistance Daily


These can be provided on a needs basis, either individually or to be incorporated into a package :

Service Frequency Cost
Post-event assessment / medical services coordinator As required $200
Telemonitoring programme 12-week programme $1,275
Companionship visits As required $26 per half hour
Medication management Daily $100 per week
Outside walking support As required $26 per half hour
Any extra meals as required As required: must be pre-booked Pricing available at reception
In-person visits by Registered Nurse As required $45
Housekeeping / personal care and support As required: minimum half hour $26 per half hour

Please note that specific medical equipment, tele-monitoring and/or rehabilitation services are available and charged on a case by case basis. Any consumables used during consults are also charged to residents.