Lana Wells and Val Murray Cowper share their experience of moving into The Grove Orewa

Lana and Val enjoy some sunshine outside The Grove villas

Lana and Val are two friends who recently moved into the village a week apart, Lana into one of the apartments and Val into a villa.  We spoke to them about their experience of moving into The Grove and this is what they had to say.

Over the past two years, Val had been thinking of downsizing her home in Orewa as she was tired of looking after her garden and being responsible for the maintenance of her home.  Even though Val had a lovely garden, together with a menagerie, including chickens! she felt it was becoming a little too much.  Val, with the assistance of her family, had looked at various retirement villages in Orewa, up north as well as east Auckland.  Val happened to mention to her group of friends that she was going to look at The Grove, Lana said that she was keen to come along too.

“oh, I could live here”.

Val made an appointment with Michael Kelly, when Lana and Val walked into the reception area Lana said that she felt right at home and turned to Val and said, “oh, I could live here”.  Val said that she felt the same.  Michael took them on a tour of the village, they initially looked at a vacant villa, which Val immediately fell in love with.  Michael showed Lana a one-bedroom apartment on one of the higher levels. However, she decided that she would prefer an apartment on the ground floor.  One became available relatively quickly, which Lana snapped up as she fell in love with it too and felt that it was meant to be. 

Lana also lived locally and had been in her home for many years.  It was her parents’ home, so it held a lot of memories, but she felt it was the right time to move and says that this is the best move she ever made.

After making that final decision Val and Lana consulted with their families, who naturally had a number of questions, they found Michael to be very obliging and knowledgeable, after discussing their concerns with Michael both families gave Val and Lana the green light to go ahead.

The process of selling their respective homes for Val and Lana was relatively quick, for Lana the whole process was completed in a month and Val’s home sold a week after Lana’s.  They had both begun the process of downsizing some time before making the final decision to move to The Grove.  Even with this preparation done they both said that they found the process of selling their homes and moving to be a stressful experience.  On the day that Lana moved into her new apartment, she said that she felt very welcomed by the staff and management of The Grove and that nothing was too much trouble. 

Lana, who along with Val, has ‘green thumbs’ and had a beautiful garden at her previous home is now enjoying her ‘garden of pots’ on her patio.  Val has recently acquired a garden pod in which she hopes to grow vegetables.

They agree the best things about living at The Grove are that they still just live around the corner from their friends.  The villages small boutique size, the fact that the beach is just minutes away and the water pressure in the showers!

If you would like to find out more about moving into The Grove, contact our team.